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Know Diabetes, Fight Diabetes

Over the past few decades, there has been a noticeable increase in the incidence of diabetes among adults in our country—a chronic health condition that can potentially lead to heart disease, kidney disease, vision loss, and other significant health complications. Currently, more than 34 million Americans are dealing with this disease, with an anticipated 88 million more individuals potentially at risk of developing it. November is National Diabetes Month, and our objective is to raise awareness about the various types of this dangerous health condition.

Research suggests that promptly managing diabetes after diagnosis can help prevent health complications associated with the condition. Adopting lifestyle practices such as meal planning, engaging in regular physical activity, ensuring sufficient rest, and refraining from smoking can effectively help manage diabetes.

Managing diabetes requires a collaborative approach. Your healthcare team may include a primary care provider, diabetes specialist, registered dietitian, or certified diabetes educator. It would be advantageous to consult your primary care provider about the possibility of discussing your diabetes with other healthcare professionals.

The costs associated with diabetes medications, devices, and office visits can be significant. A social worker or a member of your healthcare team may be able to assist you in finding community resources or financial support for your diabetes care.

For those at risk, it is important to prioritize education, access reliable resources, and ensure that those around us are also aware of their own risk. The following resources can help facilitate this objective.


Glucose Revolution cover
Liver Rescue Cover
The Mindful Guide to Managing Diabetes cover
The Diabetes Code Cookbook cover
The Best Life Guide to Managing Diabetes cover
By Cara Howfield
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