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Enter a new realm with “Portal Fantasy” Books

Some books are a magical portal to another dimension.

Ever since we were kids, books have taken us on incredible adventures where ordinary people find themselves in extraordinary situations, where the real world blends with realms full of magical, mythical and often dangerous creatures. Whether falling through a rabbit hole into Wonderland or stepping through an old wardrobe into Narnia.


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Happiness Happens Month is celebrated in August.

Knowing I’d be writing the August blog about Happiness heightened my awareness of the topic. I started noticing happiness comments and quotes all over. Here are some that caught my attention:

“Some cause happiness wherever they go, others whenever they go” attributed to Oscar Wilde

“There is no way to happiness – happiness is the way” Thich Nhat Hanh

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Give Audiobooks a Try!

I have plenty of friends that tell me they don’t have time to read, and to these non-readers, I always ask, “have you tried audiobooks?” Usually people will tell me that they can’t focus on audiobooks and they get too easily distracted while listening, but I promise that by some work of magic (or maybe science), your brain somehow gets used to it.

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Embrace the Summer Slowdown:

The Joy of Relaxing and Savoring Books

Summer is the perfect time to escape the rush of everyday life and immerse ourselves in wonder of stories. We are often caught up prioritizing speed and productivity, that we forget to slow down and savor the stories we are reading. Doing so can be a transformative experience. So, let’s set aside our to-do lists, find a cozy nook, and explore the reasons why it’s important to indulge in some pleasure reading.

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May flowers bring…

New Books to enjoy reading outside in the sunshine!

There is nothing better than reading a great book in the warm sun!  Listening to the birds singing & Mother Nature coming to life!  

The flowers are blooming and the air smells fresh & clean!   If you’re wondering what to read next on your beautiful spring day!

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Time to get GROWING!!

With Spring here, Summer is right around the corner! Now is the time to start planning your vegetable garden.  Creating a vegetable garden has many benefits. Harvesting your own vegetables is not only a tastier and healthier option but also a relaxing project that can be shared with the whole family.

Growing from seeds is another option to consider and April is the month to get going.  Growing from seed offers you a cheaper method of growing vegetables and can give you options not offered at your local nursery.  It is more time consuming and requires extra work but the results can be more rewarding.

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Oceanside Library Patrons Recommend…

In a reading slump? Don’t know what to read next? You’re at the right place!

These titles have been recommended by Oceanside Library patrons who have been attending our Page Turners Book Chat. This program meets once a month as a place for bookworms to recommend new books to each other. It is not only a great place to make a new ‘to-be read’ list, but a place to make new friends and chat. All are welcome to join!

Page Turners will be meeting this month on Thursday, March 23rd at 2:30PM.

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For a Short Month, It’s Packed!

It starts with Groundhog Day and ends 28 days later, yet so much takes place in between. The month begins with faithful followers anxiously waiting to see if winter is still upon us (…brrr!) or if spring is right around the corner.

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New Year, New Hobby

Start off the new year by picking up a new hobby! Hobbies are the perfect antidote for boredom and can help enhance your life by providing both mental and physical benefits. Hobbies can be fun, exciting, relaxing, or educational, and are a rewarding way to pass some free time. They can also be a great way to show off your creativity and self-expression.
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On Your Marks, Get Set…BAKE!

As a person who LOVES to eat and is an avid home baker, December is one of my favorite times of year. Through all the hectic and busy holiday goings-on, I always make time to prepare at least a few special holiday treats.

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