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Museum Passes

Gain access to museums & parks for free with your Oceanside Library Card!

Before reserving your pass, read the information/guidelines below.

Museum Pass FAQs

What type of passes does the Library offer?

Print on Demand

Passes can be printed from home or at the Library. Request your pass for the day you plan to visit the museum. Print the pass instantly at the time of reservation. The pass is only valid for the date of visit listed on the confirmation page and must be presented to the museum in printed format. If you are unable to print your pass at the time of reservation, come to the library during our business hours and we will print it for you. There is no need to return a printed pass to the Library.

Pick Up / Return at Library

Passes are picked up at the Welcome Desk on the main floor of the Library and must be picked up by the cardholder who made the reservation. These passes have a 3 day loan period and MUST be returned to the Library during building (DO NOT put Museum Passes in the Book Drop). Please, check the due date of the pass carefully.

Discounted Tickets

Discounted tickets are purchased at the welcome desk (cash or check only) and allow entry at a reduced rate compared to the standard rate.

Who can borrow a pass?

Museum Passes may be reserved up to 30 days in advance by patrons who: reside in the Oceanside School District; are 18 years or older; and have an Oceanside Library card in good standing (no outstanding fines and not expired). Each Museum Pass may only be borrowed by members of the same family once in 30 days and only 1 pass per household at a time.

Can I use the passes for special exhibits and member only events?

Many museums do not accept library passes for special exhibits/events. Contact the museum to verify if the pass will be honored for special programs.

How do I cancel a reservation?

You may cancel a reservation by following the link to the reservation page and clicking the blue “My Passes” button located next to the drop-down selections. Enter your library barcode number and click “cancel” next to the pass.

If you wish to cancel a reservation less than 24 hours before your reservation date, please contact the Welcome Desk at 516-766-2360 x300 or x301.

What else do I need to know?

By making a reservation, you are accepting our Museum Pass Agreement:
  • Failure to pick up a pass that you have reserved without notifying the Welcome Desk will result in a 3 month suspension of all museum pass privileges;
  • The fine for an overdue Pick Up/Return pass is $10 per day;
  • Failure to contact the Welcome Desk if the pass cannot be returned on time will result in a 3 month suspension of museum pass privileges;
  • If a pass is lost, the replacement cost is $50, and museum pass privileges will be suspended for 3 months;
  • Museum hours are subject to change. Please, call ahead to the museum to verify the hours. The library is not responsible for changes in unscheduled closings or newly adjusted hours;
  • The library is not responsible for emergency closings, passes that are not returned on time, or if the museum refuses to accept the pass.