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Oceanside Library Association

Library Association

The Oceanside Library Association is the governing body of the Library and residents are encouraged to join in order to participate in Library elections.

Membership in the Association is free and open to any resident of the Oceanside School District who is a registered voter.

To vote at the Association meeting, members must be registered to vote with the Nassau County Board of Elections 30 days prior to the meeting date. In the event of a contested election, polls will be open from 9:30am through 8pm. Absentee ballots will be available from the Association Administrative Assistant for individuals with a documented inability to appear at the polls due to permanent illness or disability; or because you are a resident or patient of a Veterans Health Administration Hospital, or in active military service.


Applications to join the Library Association are available at the Circulation Desk or you may download an application here.

Click here to view the Library Association By-Laws.

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