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Innovation Lab

Everything you need for tech learning & projects!

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What is the Innovation Lab ?

(Some services are not available at the moment due to limited space in our temporary location) The InnOvation Lab is the Library’s very own maker & tech space! The InnOvation Lab contains a VR headset, laptops, iPads, Cricuts, Dash & Dots, a 4K Camcorder, green screens, and more! The InnOvation Lab is currently fluid and has no designated area, but will have its very own room in the new post-renovation building.

How can I use the Innovation Lab for my own projects?

To use any of the equipment the InnOvation Lab has to offer for personal maker projects, email our Tech Librarian, Carlo Mastrandrea at

Does the Innovation Lab hold classes?

Yes! For all tech and other classes conducted by the InnOvation Lab, visit our online calendar. InnOvation Lab classes and programs are typically scheduled by age group with programs available to patrons from age 8 through adult.

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Coding Platforms for All Ages

Scratch, developed by MIT, is a free block-based coding platform for children.

Code Combat is a partially free platform that uses game-based learning to teach text-based coding to beginners (ages 9 and up).

Replit is a platform for creating and sharing software. There are built-in educational features and a global community of users.