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Embrace the Summer Slowdown:

The Joy of Relaxing and Savoring Books

Summer is the perfect time to escape the rush of everyday life and immerse ourselves in wonder of stories. We are often caught up prioritizing speed and productivity, that we forget to slow down and savor the stories we are reading. Doing so can be a transformative experience. So, let’s set aside our to-do lists, find a cozy nook, and explore the reasons why it’s important to indulge in some pleasure reading.

Nurturing Mindfulness:

1. We get so caught up in the constant onslaught of notifications, deadlines, and distractions. The art of reading provides us with a break, allowing us to enter a state of mindfulness. It helps us to be in the present moment, and fully engaged in the story we are reading. Summertime is a great time to reconnect with the power of the written word.

Deepening the Reading Experience:

2. In our quest to devour as many books as possible (trust me, librarians get it!), we often rush through pages, passing all the intricacies and nuances that make books truly awesome. When we take our time, however, we can appreciate the author’s style, immerse ourselves in a new world, and form a stronger connection with the characters. By slowing down, we unlock all the book has to offer as well as our own imagination.

Uncovering Hidden Gems:

3. I like to challenge myself in the summer by exploring new genres I might not have considered before. Why not embrace your literary summer explorer!  By selecting books that pique curiosity, we give ourselves a chance to find hidden gems. Bestsellers are great, but discovering lesser-known authors or throwing ourselves in stories that challenge our perspectives can be very rewarding. Stories outside of our comfort zone can expand our view of the world around us.

Restoring Relaxation and Well-being:

4. Let’s not forget that summer is a time for ultimate relaxation. Reading on a sunny day (or a rainy one) is an act of self-indulgence, when we can escape the worries and daily grind.  Simply put, reading is good for the soul. 

Remember, it’s not about how many books we can read but how deeply we can connect with stories in them. 

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Happy reading! 

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By Nadine Buccilli
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