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For a Short Month, It’s Packed!

It starts with Groundhog Day and ends 28 days later, yet so much takes place in between. The month begins with faithful followers anxiously waiting to see if winter is still upon us (…brrr!) or if spring is right around the corner.

For historians, we have Lincoln’s Birthday and Presidents’ Day. Not to be left out, for parents we have every kid’s favorite week and many parents’ biggest headache – the winter break. A time to enjoy winter sports, local outings, or family time on the couch with your favorite movie. Let’s not forget Valentine’s Day, the day for lovers. This has become a day to celebrate those we love with special treats, a delicious meal or a simple “I Love You.” While you are at it, take care of your own heart because it’s also National Heart Month. For sports fans we have Super Bowl Sunday, while non-fans have little hot dogs and pizza bites. Speaking of pizza, grab a bite of your favorite slice on National Pizza Day and follow that by doing something thoughtful on Random Acts of Kindness Day. Don’t eat too much on Fat Tuesday as Mardi Gras begins and if you’re caught dozing for a few minutes on the 28th, it’s really ok because it’s National Public Sleeping Day

So as you are trying to stay warm, celebrating our presidents, watching the Super Bowl (even if it’s only to see the commercials) keep the kids busy, show someone how much they mean to you, take time out of your day to be kind, love your pet – did I forget to mention it’s also National Love Your Pet Day – remember you only have 28 days!

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Chicken Soup for the Soul: Kindness Matter book cover
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Healthy Habits for Your Heart book cover

By Barbara Mickowski

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