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Oceanside Library Community Service Opportunities

Students Rebuild - Thursday, May 6 @ 7pm

The Changemaker Challenge is all about celebrating people who make our communities and the world better.  With every artistic award made, the Bezos Family Foundation will make a $5 donation to young changemakers working across the globe.  Please have some craft supplies ready (paper, markers, scissors, glue, etc.).

You will receive 1 hour of community service for attending this Zoom program.


Book Review Crew (Submit reviews now!)

Contribute to our new Teen Bookstagram by reviewing a book you recently read! Click here for details and for the Google Form to submit your first review.  You can submit a maximum of 2 reviews per month for 1 hour of service each.


#WeWereHere Project (You may submit now)

Participate in the #WeWereHere Project by filling out this form. This project aims to document the teen experience during these tough times. Your personal story, video diary, photo journal or other piece of work will be uploaded to the #WeWereHere Project site. Service hours vary based on the chosen project - see below. Email Gabriella at gtrinchetta@oceansidelibrary.com with any questions and with your completed work.  Each category below can be completed one time.

I Am Here: personal stories, video diaries, photo journals (3 hours)

I Am Helping: useful information, helpful tips, safety precautions (1 hour)

I Am Okay: jokes, stories, anything humorous (1 hour)

I Am Not Okay: art, poetry (2 hours)


Check back for additional community service opportunities in the future. Email bmickowski@oceansidelibrary.com or gtrinchetta@oceansidelibrary.com with any questions!

Click here for a list of organizations that accept teen volunteers.  (Opens in MS Word)

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