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Since March 2020, we've all been a little out of sorts.  Our Oceanside Library community has been learning to adjust to, what is for now, a new normal.  As we try to navigate and adapt to our ongoing Library experience, here are a few questions that have come up (updates will be made periodically so please check back) and some answers that we can provide...

Can I visit the Library?  Yes.
Can I come in to Browse & Borrow?
Can I make a Photocopy?
Can I use a Public Computer?
Can I use a Study Table for a single person session?
Do I need to wear a mask if I am fully vaccinated? 
No, if you are fully vaccinated (all shots plus 2 weeks), you do not have to wear a mask while in the building.
Do I need to wear a mask if I am NOT fully vaccinated? 
Yes, i
f you are NOT fully vaccinated, you are required to wear a mask while in the building.  While the Library does reserve the right to ask for proof of vaccination, we are not checking them at the door.
Check out our Visiting The Library page for any additional details. 
Updated on Wednesday 5/19/21.

When is the Library Book Drop open?
The Library's Book Drop is open Monday - Thursday 9am - 9pm and Friday - Saturday from 9am - 5pm!!  Please return your books, DVDs, CDs, audiobooks, and video games to the library during those hours.  If you have a Kindle or Playaway device, please return those devices to the Greeter or to the Welcome Desk because we do not want those items to be damaged upon return.  Please note that if the Book Drop is full or if the Book Drop is locked, please do not leave items outside.  Items left outside of the Book Drop may be discarded for safety issues and you may be charged for lost materials.  Items will be placed into quarantine for 3 days and will be cleared from your library card after the 3 day quarantine period has lapsed.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!  Updated on Monday 5/3/21.

I returned an item in the Book Drop but it is still checked out on my card.  Why is that?
Any items that are returned in the library book drop are placed into quarantine for 3 days due to an abundance of caution. 
After the 3 day quarantine has lapsed, materials are brought into the building and cleared.  No fines are incurred so you do not have to worry about that.  If you check your account and see that items that you have returned are still on your card or if you receive a notice that materials are about to be due, please allow for some time for the items to be cleared.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.  Updated on Monday 5/3/21.

I heard that Oceanside Library is now "fine free"...what does that mean?
Oceanside patrons will no longer be charged late fees on Oceanside materials.  If we had to interloan something from another library, or if any materials are damaged or lost, charges will still apply on those materials.  But there are no more Oceanside material late fees!  Fines are designed to keep materials in circulation and not to raise money.  We want all your library experiences to be positive ones...because that is truly fine! 
Updated on Thursday 4/15/21.

Is the Library still offering Curbside Pickup of library materials?
Yes we are and we will continue to!  It's a simple process but there are a few steps to follow.  You may request specific materials but if we do not have them, please offer some alternate suggestions.  A due date slip will be included with your materials.  Pickup times are scheduled Monday - Thursday from 9:15am - 8pm and Friday - Saturday from 9:15am - 4pm.  Click here for all the information that you will need.  Please note that you can continue to place holds in the online catalog as well.  Updated on Thursday 4/15/21.

My library card either needs to be renewed or I can not find it, what can I do now?
All active Oceanside Library cards should be valid through December 31, 2021.  If your card has expired or you can not find it, click here to get a temporary digital card.  Here is a little more information on what services are available to Oceanside residents with this temporary digital card.  You may also contact the Library at 516-766-2360 and Dial 0 for the Welcome Desk where staff can assist you during library hours.  Updated on Thursday 4/15/21.

Do you have any updates on Library programming?
Due to an abundance of caution, we are still running virtual programs as opposed to "in-person" programs.  In addition to our Facebook page and Email "EBlasts," please check our Online Events Calendar.  All of our online programs, as well as any necessary login information, can be found there. 
Updated on Thursday 4/15/21.

I was at a program and the presenter mentioned materials were available online.  Where would I find them?
Right here!  Periodically some of our presenters do offer handouts or other media for online programs and we will share them here as we get them. 
Updated on Thursday 4/15/21.
Virtual Cooking: Meal Planning & Flexible Meal Prep Strategies, 1/11/21: Meal Planning & Workshop PowerPoint & Weekly Planning Template
Oceanside Garden Club Presents: House Plants Benefits & Troubleshooting, 1/12/21: Orchids & Recommended Advice
Virtual Covid-19 Panel, 1/27/21: Vaccine Info & FAQ PowerPoint
Family Oriented Meal Time Strategies, 4/19/21: ChefGirl Nutrition Weekly Meal Planning Template
Genealogy Club Presents: DNA Testing & Genealogy Research Lecture, 4/20/21: Resource Handout

I missed some of your online programs, can I view them anywhere?
Please visit our YouTube channel to check out some of the programs that we have hosted over the past year.  Plus
our Technology Librarian has added some very helpful instructional videos so check those out as well!  And please don't forget to subscribe to our channel!  Updated on Thursday 4/15/21.

How can I get added to your Oceanside Library Email "EBlast" list?
Please email aiovino@oceansidelibrary.com to be added to our Oceanside Library Email "EBlasts" so you can have our information come to you. 
Updated on Thursday 4/15/21.

I need to take a Defensive Driving Class, do you have any information?
The Empire Safety Council is offering online Defensive Driving Classes and is extending a $10 discount to Oceanside residents who use the Promo Code BEB.  Visit their website or Facebook page to sign up for a class.  Please contact Diana Palumbo-Wilbur at 631-664-0652 or email her with any questions.  Updated on Thursday 4/15/21.

Are there any resources that I can use from home?
Check out Oceanside Library 24/7/365 because it's a one-stop shop for many of the resources that you can access from home.  Also please check out our database page for additional resources as well.  And a big shout out to Paging Oceanside, our sister site that focuses on all things reading including book recommendations, online book clubs, and more! 
Updated on Thursday 4/15/21.

Do you have any information about Hoopla Digital?
Hoopla Digital is a library service where Oceanside Library cardholders (over 18 years of age) can borrow then stream or download audiobooks, movies, TV shows, music, eBooks, comics and graphic novels.  Hoopla Digital works with Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, Android and Amazon Alexa (smart speaker).  There is a Hoopla Digital app available for iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire plus you can access Hoopla Digital on your computer at hoopladigital.com.  You can borrow up a total of 10 individual titles a month.  Please note: Once your 10 title threshold is met, you will have to wait for the first day of the following month to check out additional titles.  Click here for more information.  Updated on Thursday 4/15/21.

Where can I find information about the upcoming renovation or the 2020/2021 Library Budget vote?
Please check OceansideVision2020.com for and renovation and bond related information and updates.
  The Oceanside Library 2020/2021 Budget passed by a vote of 4278 - 3508!  2020 was a very tough year for all of us and we truly appreciate your vote of confidence.  We look forward to continuing the high standard of library service you have come to expect of us for many years to come!  Updated on Thursday 4/15/21.

Did I hear that the library now has two podcasts?
Yes you did! 
Books & Banter with Deb and Nay is a podcast featuring two Oceanside Library coworkers and friends who talk about their online book club selection...but then can’t help themselves and start talking about everything else!  Check it out on Spotify or Apple Podcasts!
Our second podcast debuted on February 23 and it's called This Is OceansideThis Is Oceanside is the official podcast of the Oceanside Library, talking with the people, businesses, and organizations which make our community so special!  Check it out on Spotify or Apple Podcasts
Updated on Thursday 4/15/21.

Is the Library accepting book donations?
At this time we are not accepting donations of books or any other materials.  If you have items that you would like to donate, you may contact Causeway Book Club (516-451-8788).  You can also check out The Book Fairies (516-557-6645) who might be able to assist you as well.  Updated on Thursday 4/15/21.

What's that little bubble on the lower right hand corner of the the library homepage?
Our Virtual Information Desk!  Our librarian staff is available to you Mondays - Thursdays from 9am - 9pm and Fridays and Saturdays from 9am - 5pm (except holidays) to help answer questions that you have.  If our librarians can not answer your question during the chat, they will ask you for your contact information and get back to you as soon as they can.  The Librarian Is In! 
Updated on Thursday 4/15/21.

Did I just hear something about a Virtual Notary Service?
Yes, t
he Governor has made it possible for notaries to provide services virtually.  Our Assistant Director will notarize documents for Oceanside District residents. Email Tony Iovino at aiovino@oceansidelibrary.com for more information.  Updated on Thursday 4/15/21.

I'm in need Wi-Fi when the Library is closed, do you have any suggestions?
A number of local public libraries, including Oceanside, are offering free public Wi-Fi in areas outside of their buildings!  Here is a list of libraries in both Nassau and Suffolk that are offering this service.  If any login credentials are needed, that is noted in the document.  Many thanks to all of the libraries sharing their information and their Wi-Fi! 
Updated on Thursday 4/15/21.

How can I get in touch with you if I have any further questions?
Please email us at remoteassistance@oceansidelibrary.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


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