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What is NextReads?
is an online offering that allows patrons to subscribe to eNewsletters designed to assist readers in finding new authors and titles in a variety of genres.  Lists include Fiction A To Z, Romance, Tween Reads, and Biography And Memoir among others.

How do I subscribe to NextReads?
It’s very simple!  Just click on the link provided and it will bring you to the Oceanside Library NextReads site.  Once there, check off as many boxes as you want, add your name and email address on the bottom and click Subscribe.  Note: click on any of the subjects for a short description of each available eNewsletter.

How often do NextReads eNewsletters arrive in my inbox?
eNewsletters are released on a regular basis.  When you click on the subject to see the description, the last bit of information provided tells you how often the eNewsletter is sent out.  Most are monthly or bi-monthly.  Once you subscribe, there’s no need to do anything else, NextReads comes right to you!

Anything else I need to know about NextReads?
Yes!  All the titles listed in the eNewsletters published by NextReads have active links that will redirect you to the library catalog so you can see if the title is available at Oceanside Library.  If the title is available, give us a call during library hours and we can have it held for you.  If the title is checked out, you can place a hold and we will contact you when it comes in.

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