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Library of Things

Other things now available to check out

More Things to Borrow

This brand new service allows patrons to check out items, just like you would books!

Library of Things Circulation Policy

The Library of Things is a collection of non-traditional library items that complement the Oceanside Library’s mission to ignite curiosity, facilitate lifelong learning, and connect our community. Examples of “Things” include binoculars, games, puzzles, etc.; the actual Things available to be borrowed will change from time to time.

Patrons who borrow a “Thing” or “Things” agree to abide by the Oceanside Library of Things lending guidelines below and any directions or restrictions applicable to the individual Thing.

Please use care when handling the Things you borrow.

The borrower is responsible for the Thing(s) and will be billed for replacement costs associated with damage or loss of Thing(s). A list of replacement costs of Thing(s) is maintained by the Library and is available upon request.

The Library is not responsible for any injury, loss, or damage that may occur from use of a Thing(s). The responsibility to protect against loss is the borrowers.

To return, please make sure the Thing(s) and parts are returned in the original library sealed bag which was checked out to the patron. All items must be returned during operating hours to the Welcome Desk, unless otherwise directed. Please follow current library COVID procedures when returning the Things(s).

The library reserves the right to take a Thing out of circulation temporarily to use for library purposes (workshops, demonstrations, or other programs), or to repair a damaged item.